Indian Wars – Battles After Haldighati

Most of the unheard battles are those battles that took place after the famous battle of Haldi Ghati.

Following event took place in after math of Haldi Ghati and failure of Man Sing to capture MahaRana Pratap.

The Dussera of 1581, marked a very important phase for the reign of Pratap as the freedom fighter for Mewar

Battle of Dewair

(Rana Pratap Singh had cut the Mughal Commander Bahlol Khan in half including his horse in one strike of his sword)

In 1582, on the occasion of Dushehra, Maharana Pratap motivated his soldiers to fight back and make Mewar independent once again. Mewar army was divided in two groups for the attack. One wing was with Maharana Pratap and other under Amar Sing (son of Maharana) and the decisive battle of Dewair was fought. The battle was led by Bahlol Khan and Shahbaz Khan against Mewar from Mughal side. The Mughals who were still unsure of whether it was Pratap or his son Amar Singh leading the battle, had clearly underestimated the Mewar troops. This battle is also sometimes referred to as the second Battle of Haldighati but it was fought at Dewair. A memorial for the Mewari soldiers who had lost their lives still stands at the small province in Rajsamand. This is the very famous war where Rana Pratap Singh had cut the Mughal Commander Bahlol Khan in to half including his horse in one strike of his sword.

(Maharana Pratap Vijay Smarak)

(With MahaRana Pratap’s Statue on the top of it )

AfterMath of Dewair

Maharana Pratap secured a one sided vitory in battle of Dewair which resulted in permanent closure of 36 Mughal check posts in Mewar. In addition to that 36000 Mughal soldiers surredered. In the following year of 1582, the Rana had won back Kumbhalgarh and restored it to its former glory, forcing the Mughals to leave their 36 encampments in the state of Mewar.

Maharan was able to recover almost all of the Mewar except Chittor, Ajmer and Mandalgarh inspite of Akbar continuously sending his full fleet to hunt MahaRana.

Col. Tod has Famously remarked on Maharan Pratap’s battles from HaldiGhati till Dewair into “Huldighat (Haldighati) in the Thermopylae of Mewar and The feild of Deweir(Dewair) her Marathon” comparing the courage, determination. undaunted heroism, inflexible fortitude of Maharana Pratap to Spartans famous of their fight against the Persian empire.

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