Indian Wars -Battle of Navasari

Battle of Navasari in 739 AD

This battle was fought between Arab Ummayyad Caliphate and South Indian Chalukyan Empire .

To be Frank, all most of all the battles that Indian side kingdoms won against Arabs, Ghaznavids, Guarids, Persians have been totally forgotten by us . No school text books have said about this. Almost the years from 6th to 8th century AD have been neglected in our text books. Even in the State syllabus text books these things have been neglected.

Chalukyas are Kannada emperors of south India. I didn’t find any mention of this event in state syllabus textbooks of Karnataka. Frankly speaking there are majority of Kannada people who don’t know about chalukyas faced arabs in the battle.

Probably this is the first South Indian Empire to face the foriegn invasions in North. After sacking Kingdoms of Sindh, Kutch and Vallabhis of Sourashtra, Arabs under the command of Al Hakkam, tried to move towards South of Gujarat. The king of Nandipuri Jayabhatta lV lost over the Arab Caliphate on the banks of river Mahi. Chalukya empire had border with River Mahi.

In the same time, Chalukyas were fighting with Pallavas in south, as they heard the Arab invasions in North of river Mahi, they appointed the chalukya viceroy of Gujarat branch Pulikeshi(Avanijanashraya) to look over the Arabs and organise the huge army there. And they waited for Arabs to cross river Poorna in Navasari. Even some of the vassals of chalukyas Dantidurg and others also stationed in Navasari and awaiting for the Arabs to come .

Meanwhile Arabs took the standing army in Sindh,also sought large army from Bagdad and stationed in right banks of the river poorna in 739 AD.

When the Arabs crossed the river, Chalukyas encircled the arabs trickily , and there was a huge scale battle between them. Most of arab infantry and Horsemen have been stamped by the ragefull elephants. Arabs had very strong cavalry. The chalukyan horsemen played an important and planned role in defending the Arab horsemen. As chalukyas had more elephant fleet , arabs did not matched with them and many of them ran out of the battlefield . Fealling to be lost, The commander Al Hakkam escaped , but later he was captured and killed.

Thus Arabs never expected this would happen to them. With Shame and dissatisfactioned returned to sindh. And this was THE LAST WAR THEY FOUGHT WITH INDIANS and they never faced India with war. Though arabs had a Naval conquest in Sourashtra after the war, they were defeated by Saindhavas.

In turn Chalukyas were expected that arabs could again attack them . Then the Emperor Vikramaditya ll himself backed with a large army south of Navasari to finish Arab invasions. Chalukyas were more cruel to the Invaders , as they burnt the Arab captives alive in the battlefield. And they even expanded their territory to the north.

Most probably The Indians and the Byzantine empires were the only two who successfully won over Arabs in 7th and 8th century. If any body that the Arabs invaded were bound to lose at that time.

These battles were never even heard by Europeans . As the arabs didn’t mentioned about their losses any where in the world .

Even Arabs would have felt guilty about themselves to tell that they lost while fighting with the Wild Boars ( The royal emblem of Badami Chalukyas was Wild Boar) of India.

Author: Aditya Bhuyan

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