How to train your brain to think fast and make quick decision

The easiest thing in the universe is to make our brain fast and effective!

Like many good things which come with a price, this has a price tag to it.

It is not money, hard work, exercise or any difficult down payment but to become provocatively discriminative.

To make our brains sharp, we have to start our journey with an assumption that the following statements are true. We will, of course, prove them at the end of this write-up.

  1. The consciousness is not the product of the function of the brain like gum oozing out of a tree.
  2. The mind is subtler than the gross brain.
  3. Intellect is the subtler than the mind which is discriminative
  4. The consciousness is subtler than the intellect and energizes all structures that are grosser compared to it.

Let us start with the moonlight.

Is it really the moonlight?

You know that it is only the reflected sunlight.

Why the sunlight is not brightly shining between the sun and the moon?

The sunlight shines only when it is reflected by an object. If there is no object to reflect, it is not visible though it is present.

All pervasive consciousness

The consciousness pervades everywhere but is only reflected by the structures which are grosser than that. This process of reflection activates the organs which have the inherent capacity of activity and is just reflected without any activity in those organs which do not possess the capability of activity. A good example is the moonlight.

With this background introduction, let us start with the story of our brain.

The brain is made up of 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion synapses. These neurons are in a constant state of activity.

Let us now apply our assumptions given above.

It means these neurons are activated by the consciousness which is close to energy though it is subtler than that. Our basic common sense tells us that no instrument can act without energy.

How can the brain act without energy?

The energy activating the brain must be different, and subtler than the brain. Therefore, our theory of consciousness (energy) (though consciousness is not energy but subtler than that) present prior to the activation of the brain can be taken as a valid argument.

We are interested in improving our brain activity and why are you telling all this?

I am coming to that point. Unless we know the modus operandi of the operation of the brain thoroughly, we cannot get the best out of the brain.

We may have a question here. We know that when the brain is damaged, we lose consciousness. It means the activity of the brain is essential for consciousness. When brain activity is absent, the person is unconscious. How do you explain this?

I am now using an extension board to connect my laptop to the electricity. Now, let us say that the extension board develops a snag and power to the laptop is disconnected. Is it valid to say that the power is not there because of malfunction of the extension board, and therefore the power is produced by the extension board? Will this be a correct statement? In the same way, if brain injured, we may see the loss of consciousness which will not prove that the brain alone produces the consciousness.

Take the example of a fan. The movement of a fan indicates the presence of imperceivable electricity behind that function. In the same way, the function of the physical brain indicates the presence of imperceivable consciousness behind its function!

Now, let us focus on the point which makes us dull, slow and apathetic.

Anything routine and a sort of repetition makes us dull as it works on autopilot mode.

I should say that the majority of us who have fallen into the category of seeking objects for the pleasure comes under the category of ‘being dull’.

Here comes the actual story.

The brain is divided into the front prefrontal cortex (shown in red) and the rest of the brain.

The prefrontal cortex which is responsible for behaviour, judgement, attention, logical response, the algorithmic sequence of thoughts, the cause-effect relationship is in the front of the brain. This part of the brain is directly connected with the very subtle, discriminative mind called the intellect. let us start with this subtle intellect activated by the consciousness (We have agreed to have this assumption at the beginning of this article.)

Our subtle discriminatory intellect is directly connected with the prefrontal cortex.

The rest of the brain (objective brain) is connected with the mind which is grosser when compared to the intellect but subtler than the gross brain. This mind is programmed to identify shapes and names of the objects and is directly connected with the rest of the cerebral cortex excluding the prefrontal cortex. This brain acts reflexly without much thought process involved. It is designed to identify objects based on shapes, forms, sounds and names.

Objective brain and routine stress

Let me give an example of how this objective brain works. It works on some assumed principles and does not question the very principles themselves. The objective brain is our routine stress producing brain specialized in generation of nonstop desires. However, the prefrontal cortex connected to the intellect has the ability to question the validity of principles themselves.

For example, if the objective brain accepts the gravity as a natural accepted phenomenon, the matter ends there and there can be no further questions about it. However, the prefrontal cortex of Isaac Newton questioned the veracity of this assumption. (Some of you might have been alarmed when I wrote gravity and Einstein, But I was thinking of curved space and gravity. However it is etched in our brains that gravity should always be associated with Newton. This is how the brain conditioning works. I am thankful to Vimal Thakur for editing this)

Now let us prove how the objective brain assumes wrong as right and continues practising it blindly.

Take for example, a table. Let us start questioning the veracity of a table in front of us using the discriminatory ability of the prefrontal cortex. In reality, there is nothing like a table and it is only wood. When we touch, we actually touch the wood and when we weigh we do not weigh the table but the wood! This comes as a surprise to us because we have used the prefrontal cortex for the first time in our life.

In the same way, the moonlight is not the light of the moon but the light of the sun. The earth is moving but we take it as stationary. The sun is not moving but we assume it as moving. The sky is never blue but we assume it to be so.

(In the same way, we have no miseries but we have assumed them to be so. I appreciate if you ask a question, in case if you have not understood this point)

We have assumed consciousness as a product of the brain. Just as the moon reflects the sunlight, our brain reflects the consciousness and plays a host to the activities of mind and intellect.

How do you say that the mind controls the brain?

It is because we are able to visualize the neurons, synapses and their functions.

How do you say that the mind is illuminated by consciousness?

It is because thoughts generated by the mind come to our awareness.

How do you say that consciousness is ultimate?

It is because we are aware of our consciousness. If there were to be another consciousness, then one consciousness is activated by another consciousness, and consciousness becomes a chain of ad infinitum which is logically unacceptable.

What if we identify with our consciousness?

In that state, we are just aware of our presence and nothing else. We know we are alive and nothing beyond it. This is a state of being in the present. If we identify ourselves with the consciousness and observe the thoughts, then thoughts become objects and the consciousness becomes the witness.

We now become the witness consciousness. At this level we have no name or identification. This witness consciousness can witness the discriminatory intellect. The discriminatory intellect profoundly questions everything. It is directly connected with the prefrontal cortex and adjacent lobes. This area of the brain and its connections are supposed to be responsible for intelligence. It means we are now activating our intelligence. By activating this, we start questioning the permanence and the usefulness of our actions. We become discriminatory.

We become discriminative!

Suddenly, we are enlightened that we are not the body and thoughts but the illuming consciousness. Our identification is changed. We become careful while using the objective brain. Brain comes under the full control of the intellect. You, as the witness consciousness, are witnessing the intellect.

Your brain becomes super fast because there are no negative obstacles created by the objective brain. Desires become discriminatory.

Health is happiness!

We find happiness in being healthy. We suddenly start enjoying our health. We start thinking that being healthy is everything. I have no pain and all my organs are working properly and let me enjoy this moment. We become Einesteins’, Vivekanandas’, great doctors, great engineers, great nationalists because we become discriminatory.

We suddenly become extra intelligent and our brain acts lightening fast because it was the shortcircuit of our objective brain with improper desires that were causing stress which resulted in slowing down of our apparatus. It is akin to the slowing down of our computer due to VIRUS (Vital Information Resource Under Siege). Our vital intelligence connection of prefrontal cortex with the rest of the brain was under siege by the hyperactivity of the objective brain.

Start establishing synaptic plasticity of your ‘intelligence-connection’ of your brain. Meditate on this. With each step of your progress, the more and more prefrontal cortex is released. You start enjoying each step of your improvement. Your brain becomes lightning fast. The fastness is the original nature of the brain which we have subdued by the unhealthy selection of life.

Will you do this and enjoy your life?

Author: Aditya Bhuyan

I am an IT Professional with close to two decades of experience. I mostly work in open source application development and cloud technologies. I have expertise in Java, Spring and Cloud Foundry.

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