Best Cloud Storages

Hello, over the years, we have used several cloud storage companies for data storage purposes. Here are some ways to get a Cloud Storage and what are some of the best options depending upon your personal/business requirements.

A cloud storage offers you space to store your data over the Internet from any accessible device like Laptop, Computer or a Mobile Phone. The Cloud Storage should be easy for you to navigate so you don’t have to worry about the basic platform usage. There are a range of options across the world, but we have narrowed down to some which are so far the best in terms of navigation, pricing and storage capacity.

1. dinCloud

dinCloud offers the most cost effective cloud storage option. The rates they offer are matchless. You can get the most easy navigation for the data access and a faster data transfer rate . They offer additional layer of security through data encryption, and a 24/7 Customer Support.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is best for students which use light data. It comes with a 2 GB free storage space, and in the case of additional storage, handsome price for 2 TB storage. They have a 24/7 Customer Support and a 4.5 User Rating.

3. Google Drive:

Google Drive is best for teams, data sharing, small businesses and collaboration. They have the highest storage option of 15 GB and offers the cheapest premium option of 100 GB at a minimal rate.

4. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft One Drive is pre-installed and integrated into the Window 10 File Explorer. You don’t need to download any additional application. It has a File restoration feature and Free Storage in only 5 GB. One Drive offers varying storage options.

These are the best Cloud storage option, which you can avail free and also buy their premium packages.

Author: Aditya Bhuyan

I am an IT Professional with close to two decades of experience. I mostly work in open source application development and cloud technologies. I have expertise in Java, Spring and Cloud Foundry.

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