How to Correct Your Posture

Traditional Chinese Method which is practised for correcting posture and strengthening spine since posture is something 90% of the people ignore about !

Back in school days i used to sit like this :

Got to know about the importance of good posture and Discovered this amazing technique !

All you need to do is –

Stand straight with hands overhead like this

Then move you forearms in such a way that for the First Step : The palms face each other.

and then in the Second Step : Hands should face the opposite side of each other ,(the opp. Of first image )

Now , the fist step should include both the hands placed like the 1st “ hand below in image and the second step should include both the hands placed like the 2nd hand in image .


  • Strengthen the Rotator cuff .
  • Strengthen the Spine .
  • Relieves back pains, shoulder cramps .
  • Corrects the posture from [ ( ] to [ | ] in course of 2–3 mnths
  • Tones the muscles .
  • Trapezius strengthening. Etc

Correct Posture : Does it matter? Yes!

Wrong posture may lead to :

  • Back ,neck and shoulder pains
  • Acid reflux / gag/ heartburn
  • Digestive issues
  • Poor body structure
  • Curved back
  • Nerve pain/stretching
  • Poor circulation .
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Misaligned spine
  • Stunned growth /height issues
  • May lead to headache in some people

✓Posture While Standing

✓Posture While Sitting

Like this :

✓Posture While Sleeping

✓Avoid The Smartphone Slump

A wrong posture could be the reason of your health issues which you can resolve with just correcting the posture only !

Never ignore your posture , correct it and see the difference , thank me later .

Author: Aditya Bhuyan

I am an IT Professional with close to two decades of experience. I mostly work in open source application development and cloud technologies. I have expertise in Java, Spring and Cloud Foundry.

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