Path to become a Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is someone who plays the role of Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Statistician, Big data engineer and Projects manager. So the he/she need to possess number of skills and here I am sharing top 10 skills required to become a pro data scientist.

  1. Data Analysis / Data Visualization – Finding insights from data is not where the job of a data scientist ends. It also includes communicating the results in the best possible manner. You need to master this skill so that you can communicate the results of data analysis to the users of information in a better and efficient manner.
  2. Programming skills – Yes! you need to learn programming languages. Try

    first, as it is very easy to learn and comes under the open source category. Learn from here –

    . Next try your hands on “R” programming language. It is also open source. Learn from here –

  3. Machine Learning – As a data scientist, you will be required to work with huge amounts of data. And for this, you must have hands-on knowledge about various ML algorithms and methods. Also, Deep Learning is one step beyond ML. so many organizations demand the knowledge of Deep Learning also. Here is the Complete and Comprehensible Guide to start your machine learning career as a newbie – Sakina Mirza’s answer to What are prerequisites to start learning machine learning?
  4. Statistics / Maths – Liner algebra and calculus are the two main maths topics. Now talking about statistics, Pull the data from a DB or obtain it from any of the roles mentioned above and run appropriate statistical tests. Ensure the quality of data and correctness of the conclusions by using standard practices like choosing the right sample size, confidence level, level of significance, type of test etc.
  5. Data Wrangling – This involves data cleaning, which is the first towards analyzing the data. Here you will need to know about the data available to you, identify the valuable data, and finding trends and patterns in it. Also, find out the best data sources to gather the information.
  6. Big Data and Distributed Systems: Understanding of basic MapReduce concepts, Hadoop and Hadoop file system and least one language like Hive/Pig. Some companies have their own proprietary implementations of these languages. Knowledge of tools like Mahout and any of the xaaS like Azure and AWS would be helpful.
  7. Data-Driven Problem Solving Skills – As all organizations are focusing on data-driven success, a data scientist must have all knowledge of applying data science methods to solve the business problems in the structured approach. Techniques like Six Sigma are great tools to solve real-world business problems.
  8. Leadership skills /Domain knowledge – How well do you understand the problem and its implications. Knowledge outside of the data can be incredible useful. Look at the data provided by the professionals mentioned so far, align business with the findings and influence the leadership to take appropriate action. Possesses communication skills, presentation skills and can influence without authority.
  9. Soft Skills: Communication and influencing without authority. Understanding of what is the minimum that has the maximum impact. Too many findings are as bad as no findings at all. Ability to scoop information out of partners and customers, even from the unwilling ones is extremely important.
  10. Be Curious & ask questions to yourself – A data scientist’s job is to answer deep questions using data and to gather insights to improve the business or the product. This is facilitated by a natural gnawing curiosity about the product, when you can form your own questions about the data that you have the power to answer.

These were the 10 important skills that every data scientist needed

Author: Aditya Bhuyan

I am an IT Professional with close to two decades of experience. I mostly work in open source application development and cloud technologies. I have expertise in Java, Spring and Cloud Foundry.

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